Road Closures

The race has a start time of 09:00am and an expected race finish time of 11:00am (detailed timings of race stages are included on the next page). We are expecting there to be around 1500 runners participating in the event this year.

In light of this event, there will be traffic management procedures in place on the morning of Sunday 23rd March 2025. These procedures have been designed to offer minimal disruption and will be managed by an expert Traffic Management company that will reopen roads as soon as possible and provide appropriate diversions during disrupted times between 09:00am and 11:00am.

The Course & Timings

8.45am – Road Closures begin to be enforced

9.00am – Race begins 

9.02am – First runners approach Stafford Road northbound

9.10am – First runners approach Oxley Moor Road

9.15am – First runners approach Aldersley Road

9.18am – First runners approach Hordern Road

9.22am – First runners approach New Hampton Road

9.24am – First runners approach Park Road

9.30am – First runners finish the race

9.45am – Final runners approach Oxley Moor Road. Stafford Road northbound can reopen

10.00am – Final runners approach Aldersley Road. Oxley Moor Road can reopen

10.10am – Final runners approach Hordern Road. Aldersley Road can reopen

10.25am – Final runners approach New Hampton Road. Hordern Road can reopen

10.50am – Final runners approach Waterloo Road. New Hampton Road and Park Road can reopen

11.00am – End of race. All roads reopened

*Residents on affected roads are advised to park outside of the route in advance of the event if possible, if vehicle access is required during the event. For example, residents of Park Road could park on Albert Road, which is not affected by the event.

Please email any queries to [email protected]